Very practical, easy to use, autonomous, safe and better for your health, the Apisolis is changing the practice of beekeeping.

At Apisolis, we firmly believe that innovation can go hand in hand with nature, especially when it comes to our friends the bees. That's why we created Apisolis, a small revolution in beekeeping, designed to make the practice gentler for bees and simpler for beekeepers.

The idea was clear: to offer a modern alternative to traditional smokers. Thanks to a great deal of research and the invaluable help of experienced beekeepers, Apisolis was born. With its smokeless technology and practical design, it makes beekeepers' daily lives easier and offers them a healthier alternative.

Apisolis has already won the hearts of many passionate beekeepers around the world. More than just a gadget, it's a real step forward in careful, enjoyable beekeeping.


    Vapor from molecules present in the flowers foraged by bees.
    Apisolis protects you from inhaling toxic combustion products.


    No combustion. Avoids the risk of fire hazards.

    The temperature is automatically regulated. Steam is only created on demand.


    Quick and easy to operate. Turns on and off in seconds.
    Activate the Apisolis bellows and adjust the amount of steam by simply pressing the bellows.


    100% user-repairable tool.
    All our spare parts are available for sale on our website.

"For the past two decades, bees have been an important part of my life, given my practice of family beekeeping. After working for 15 years in the new technologies sector, I decided to change my life to get closer to nature and, naturally, to bees. This is how I created my first company, Beesolis, whose mission was to introduce children and adults to the world of bees and beekeeping whilst making them more aware of environmental issues. The installation of many small hives quickly made me aware of the limits of traditional smoker, especially the difficulty of managing the start-up and the shut-down, the risks of fire, as well as the headaches caused by the smoke. Not having found an alternative in the market, I decided to create myself the ideal tool. To do so, I surrounded myself with scientists and beekeeping professionals. After three years of research and development, the Apisolis was born. Apisolis has succeeded in eliminating the constraints of the traditional smoker, and I am very happy to see that today it is widely adopted by thousands of beekeepers."
- Damien Albrespy beekeeper and founder of Apisolis