Apisolis Vaporizer

The first smokeless bee smoker

beekeeper holding a apisolis with bees


A revolution in beekeeping, offering a modern, environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional smoker. Designed to improve the health of bees and beekeepers, this innovative tool makes visiting the hives a safer and more respectful experience.

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    Vapor produced from molecules present in flowers foraged by bees.


    Easy to use, switch on and off in seconds.


    No combustion

    Avoids the risk of fire hazards.


    Is 100% repairable by user.

  • NATIVE Solution

    A patented innovation, Apisolis uses gentle steam derived from molecules found in the flowers foraged by bees, ensuring their well-being and more peaceful beekeeping. Suitable for non aggressive colonies and routine visits.

  • Safe and Convenient

    With Apisolis, you can enjoy an innovative beekeeping experience that combines ease of use with maximum safety. Designed to avoid any risk of fire and to make hive visits easier, Apisolis is the ideal choice for beekeepers concerned about their safety and their bees.